Scientists from around the world are joining forces to develop a breakthrough with the potential to bolster global food security.

The Australia-centric and globally relevant multidisciplinary Sustainable Crop Protection Hub will bring RNA-based bio-pesticides to agriculture, resulting in reduced chemical inputs, increased crop productivity, green credentials, sustainability, market access and capacity building, all of which will contribute to a more profitable and competitive food and agribusiness sector.


Pesticide resistance is affecting the plant protection options available to farmers. Without effective solutions, sustainable farming management is not environmentally or economically viable for mass food production.

BioClay is a completely new crop protection approach that is non-genetically modified, safe and environmentally sensitive. It is a biodegradable spray solution of clay particles that bind dsRNA, releasing it slowly once applied to the plant, to fight pests with longer protection periods.

dsRNA is a well understood, highly specific and targeted way to help plants protect themselves. It works with the plant’s natural mechanisms, stimulating the immune system to fight disease.

The clay particles on the leaf surface degrade in the presence of natural carbon dioxide and moisture, leaving no residue or toxins.